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    GHC Selected Players 2024 list

    They are some of our top ranked players who played well in different formats and atfer that they did registration for cricket registration form online 2024 and getting selected for GCH 2024.

    They give their 100% in cricket trials 2024.There are some free cricket trials 2024 they are also good for practice but not the best. Our registration forms are open for everyone who is able to play national level championship.
    GCH was released cricket registration form online and players are already doing their submissison for the upcoming cricket online registration.
    Our matches hel in different formats so have some different kind of teams we have under 14 test teams, under 16 test teams, under 19 test teams, under 24 test teams, under 14 t20 teams, under 16 t20 teams, under 19 t20 teams, under 24 t20 teams, etc…

    Get ready for the league and register now!!

    GHC 2024 LEADERS


    Goa Heroes Cup

    Goa Heroes Cup is a national level champions trophy.

    Goa Heroes Cup is best National Level Championship where multiple teams takes part and play hard. Every one can play in it after crossing cricket trial 2023.


    Leagues Organised

    To get the answer of how to become a cricketer.

    Last Tournament

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    Goa Heroes Cup

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    Our Best Teams

    These are our best teams who play GOA HEROES CUP 2024 they have got registered for cricket registration form online 2024 to play this league if you want to play this league you have to play cricket trial 2024 and then fill the cricket registration form online 2024.


    Benefits of Goa Heroes Cup

    Here you learn How to become a cricketer?.

    Some of our best benefits inlcudes the following:

    Players gets a chance to play National Level Championship.

    Players get a chance to play with new team mates. So, he can adjust anywhere.

    You will get Scholarship.

    You will get some Training Programs.

    Every player will get Certificate.

    Winning team will get Trophy and Medals.

    The Statistical Benefit You've got In Goa Heroes Cup (GHc)

    Player will get some Improvement in their performance and the growth would be like this:

    Batting Performace
    Bowling Performance
    All Rounder Performance
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